Psychedelique Unisex fragrances by Jovoy

Are you looking for luxuriously presented fragrances that emit style, pleasant scents and natural elegance? Then the Psychedelique range from Jovoy is the perfect choice, as the perfume captivates the eye and pampers the nose. This opulent scent from the hands of perfumer Jacques Flori was created in 2011 and comes in an angular bottle with black imprint and matching black stand. This luxurious fragrance is equally suitable for men and women, while the glass flaçon nestles in the hand and could soon become a focal point in your bathroom.

French unisex fragrances with style

The Psychedelique range uses a top note of various citrus notes to create a zesty and vibrant first impression. In the heart, labdanum, patchouli and ambergris act as a frame for the delicate effect of rose, which is skilfully combined with geranium. The base note, created by Jovoy as a fusion of musk and vanilla, delivers a powerful depth. Thus a timeless, stylish, classic fragrance is created that fully appeals to the fine noses of both men and women.