Gardez Moi Women's fragrances by Jovoy

Almost 100 years ago now, Paris witnessed the founding of one of its most famous perfume houses, Jovoy, whose fame has flourished once more since the beginning of the millennium. In addition to high-quality perfume in the form of unisex fragrances, this is also due to the creation of exceptional essences for women, which you can discover through our range in the high-quality scent of Gardez Moi, among others. The base of the perfume uses black pepper, jasmine, musk and raspberry, a rare combination that delivers an exciting women’s fragrance and thus makes up the special charm of this Jovoy perfume.

Experience the tradition of exceptional women’s fragrances with Jovoy

Gardez Moi is a typical women’s perfume and distinguishes itself from the many unisex fragrances of the tradition-steeped brand. With a fresh and light note, the perfume is perfect for all events in a woman’s life and delivers a distinctly feminine scent both at work and on special occasions. If you’re looking for other women’s fragrances with an exquisite note and would prefer to rely on the true brand quality of renowned perfume houses, order Gardez Moi and a range of other brand perfumes at attractive prices through our shop!