Rouge Assassin Women's fragrances by Jovoy

Rouge Assassin from the house of Jovoy Paris is not quite as dangerous as the name of the fragrance might suggest. This 2012 perfume should instead be seen as an homage to the stylish 1920s woman, and thus contains very traditional and timeless nuances. The flaçon comes with a golden tinge and a silver cap, with the side featuring a white on black imprint of “Rouge Assassin”. Amelie Bourgeois is the perfumer behind the fragrance.

Feminine scent with real highlights

Jovoy Paris women’s perfumes are known for their elegant and timeless notes, features that are also emphasised by the ingredients in the fragrance Rouge Assassin. The top note is made up of rose, elemi resin and bergamot, which then merge into a heart of iris, rice and ambrette. For a woman’s fragrance, the base note is exceptionally diverse, combining both sandalwood, tonka bean and benzoin as well as white musk, cedar and sweet vanilla. Thus from the first moment on an exciting interplay of colours of various ingredients is created that, through the skilful craftsmanship of the perfumer, collectively produce a stylish, elegant and ultra-feminine fragrance.