Mountain Pepper, Bergamot, Coriander Men’s fragrances by Korres

Spicy men’s fragrances such as Mountain Pepper thrill with their richness of aroma. This perfume, the formula of which of naturally comes from the pen of the Greek company Korres, is fresh-spicy and very hearty. In this way, it follows the same direction for which the chemist couple from beautiful Greece have become known. The purest of ingredients, skin compatability, environmental-friendliness and sustainability are of the upmost importance for the company. Grand names and expensive packaging are not so important. After all, just as the cosmetics speak for themselves, the fine and perfectly-balanced men’s fragrances from Korres speak for themselves, too. Presented it its simple bottle that sits well in the hand, Mountain Pepper will captivate with its many different chords.

Korres Mountain Pepper is masculine yet subtle

The mountain pepper from which the perfume gets its name is also known as litsea cubeba. You’ll find it in the top note alongside plum, apple, orange and bergamot. The coriander appears in the middle note together with, rosemary and lavender. The base is kept classic with woods, musk and amber. Men’s fragrances with coriander, bergamot and litsea cubeba are not just fresh and spicy, they also radiate warmth and masculinity. This means that Korres Mountain Pepper is also not a fragrance for very young men. Rather, it is aimed at men who know themselves, who don’t have to prove anything because they’ve already achieved something in life. To match the perfume, there is naturally a range of care products including aftershave balm and shower gel.