7 de Loewe Men's fragrances by LOEWE

Loewe 7 - A men’s fragrance as a masculine scent composition.

Since 1972 Loewe has been known as a producer of men’s fragrances. An example is the scent composition 7 de Loewe which is characterised by masculine cedar wood and musk aromas.Loewe 7 captivates with irresistible top notes of aromatic pepper and fruity apple. The sophisticated composition creates an aromatic firework with a surprise effect. While the central note is down to earth with lily of the valley, neroli, rose and frankincense, the base note is a cloud of musk, atlas cedar and Asiatic sweet grass vetiver.

7 de Loewe is a men’s fragrance for every day.

The number 7 not only represents each week day, but much more. Simply take the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven seas, and a picture quickly emerges of a highly sensitive pirate who conquers the international female world with his aromatic masculinity. With this description, who wouldn’t immediately choose this scent? The Eau de Toilette 7 de Loewe is available in two different sizes of 50 and 100 ml. To try it out you can, of course, order a sample from us.