A Mi Aire Women's fragrances by LOEWE

It doesn’t always have to be leather

Loewe is known for producing fine leather wares, but also for fashion and select perfumes. Not for nothing is the traditional Spanish brand purveyor to the court of the Spanish royal family. A Mi Aire is such an exquisite women’s fragrance which simply delights. As the fragrance was developed, the perfumers at Loewe had the idea of immortalising opacity and transparency in a scent and they succeeded. Even the simple bottle of A Mi Aire gives an airy and light impression, as though it could float away at any time.In the top note, the women’s fragrance surprises with fresh citrus notes of bergamot, mandarin and clover. The central note is light and floral. Here marigold and Provence rose rendezvous with pink peppercorns and jasmine tea. Finally the base lifts this women’s fragrance up into the air, with airy cedar and Hinoki cypress along with musk and oak moss giving it dignity. A Mi Aire continues Loewe's tradition that it simply needs carefully chosen ingredients to achieve something special.