Aire Loewe Women's fragrances by LOEWE

A visit to heaven

Loewe, a traditional brand, purveyor to the Spanish court for over a century and closely tied to the design world in all areas, offers a women’s fragrance directly from heaven with Aire Loewe. The Aire scent collection is light and fresh, natural and energetic. They forgo provocation, preferring a rounded fragrance experience which delights the female world. Aire Loewe is the forerunner of this collection, a women’s fragrance which brings heaven to earth, seems to float and can give you wings.For over 40 years now the fashion and design brand Loewe has also been dedicated to the production of fine fragrances. This expert knowledge goes into each individual men and women’s scents. Feel how Aire Loewe delights in the top note with petitgrain, galbanum, lemon and mandarin. Following in the central note are jasmine, ambergris, iris, lily of the valley and frankincense. The delicate base is composed of white musk, vetiver and sandalwood. The composition of this scent is quite casual and is the perfect companion for all situations, from a city stroll to a large evening event.