Masks and peels Skin care by La Prairie

With the masks and peels by La Prairie you can smooth and perfect your skin in just a few minutes. The luxury skincare series with high-quality ingredients helps you to a more radiant, more even complexion. You’ll be absolutely amazed to see the results that can be achieved in such a short time. The focus of the La Prairie cosmetics is on the maintainance of the youth of the skin. Experience how the promise of eternal beauty becomes a reality. Discerning women, who want high-performance products and boundless luxury will love the masks and peels by La Prairie. The exquisite skincare products slow down the aging process and renew your skin so that it is silky soft. Say goodbye to annoying wrinkles and signs of tiredness for good.

Discover extraordinary cosmetics that really work

The innovative peels and masks visibly refine the pores and prepare your skin for regeneration. This reduces fine lines and the skin feels soft and supple. With highly-effective ingredients, the skincare products with leave you with a flawless complexion, making your skin appear younger and fresher. The products are easy to use and will create a luxurious spa feeling at own in your own bathroom. At last a product that keeps its promises. See the fantastic effects of the La Prairie skincare range for yourself and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive from people on your glowing complexion.