Oily Roots Dry Ends Hair care by Lee Stafford

The "Oily Roots Dry Ends" products from the "Pink Range" collection by the renowned brand from British hairstylist Lee Stafford offers an effective solution for oily hair roots and dry hair tips. Thanks to this haircare product, this sort of problem is now at an end. The two-part product line consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner detoxes the hair, removes excess sebum from the roots of the hair and cares for tired, dry ends. The hair is left wonderfully clean and beautifully soft.

Oily Roots Dry Ends - haircare for double trouble

The products in the Lee Stafford "Oily Roots Dry Ends" line revitalises stringy, greasy and lifeless hair. The haircare line is built around extract of moringa seeds, which come from a tree native to India. The nutrient-rich moringa oleifera tree (horseradish tree) is also known as "nebeday" or “the tree of life”. The seeds of the tree are known for their ability to disinfect water, to clean and to kill germs. In haircare, their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help to remove excess sebum from the hair roots and to prevent new build-up. The hair doesn’t need washed as often. It will be freed of oily sebum and other impurities and will be left perfectly clean. The Oily Roots Dry Ends Conditioner supplements haircare with luxurious extracts of shea butter, which hydrates the hair and cares for dry ends without weighing the hair down. The conditioner has a revitalising effect and leaves your hair with a wonderful suppleness and a radiant shine.