Eau Fraiche Unisex fragrances by Leonard

Meanwhile, the Eau Fraiche fragrance line by Leonard has become a true dinosaur among fragrances. The specialists developed the fragrance in 1974. In 2014, it celebrated its 40th birthday. This is an exceptionally long time for a perfume, because the market is always saturated with new products, unisex fragrances and creations by various brands. This traditional fragrance for men and women has distinguished itself with its classic nuances and its consistency, which is why it is considered a true secret to this day.

The secret tip for fine noses for fragrance

The Eau Fraiche creation comes in a crystal flacon in a shallow turqouise. The cap comes in golden-bronze colours. In the top note, the classic perfume uses a fruity and fresh combination of ingredients. Bergamot is skilfully combined with fruity mandarin, orange, peach, lemon from Sicily and delicate lavender. In the heart, Leonard uses a mixture from coriander, jasmine, clove and Artemisia for the unisex fragrances. This gives the fragrance an interesting edge, which is rounded off with a soft base of patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.