Leonor Greyl - Skin care - Crème aux FleursLeonor Greyl - Skin care - Crème aux Fleurs

Skin care
Crème aux Fleurs by Leonor Greyl

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Description by Skin care Crème aux Fleurs by Leonor Greyl

Product sub-line: Hair care
Range: Skin care
Description: Crème aux Fleurs

Leonor and Jean-Marie Greyl put their vision of natural hair care into practice at the end of the 1960s, and defined new standards for exclusive beauty care. Even today, the cosmetic products made by the French brand continue to benefit from this philosophy that was once deemed to be progressive. The Crème aux Fleurs also benefits from natural ingredients in order to gently supply your hair with nutrients. This cream shampoo is suitable as a supplementary component and is either applied to dry or damp hair.

Special care for frizzy and really dry hair

The premium formula has been specially developed for thick curls and really dry hair. In caring for these particular hair types, the cosmetic product by Leonor Greyl is worked in from the roots to the tips. This treatment is applied to dry hair. The cream shampoo is then foamed up before being rinsed off thoroughly. The Crème aux Fleurs is also recommended as a hair care product to use after colouring your hair in order to soothe your scalp and fix the colour. In such cases, the product by Leonor Greyl is applied to damp hair. The cream makes your hair feel silky smooth and have a wonderful shine. In addition, your scalp is nourished and desensitised following colour treatment.

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