féminin Pluriel Women's fragrances by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The present is full of new momentum and trends. As a result, consistent experiences are becoming ever more important. It is this timelessness that the perfumer had in mind when creating the range with a masculine and feminine fragrance, which includes féminin Pluriel. The women’s fragrance is presented in an aesthetically pleasing flaçon in a delicate pastel shade. This helps to create harmony between the presentation and the chic and elegant creation that is key to Maison Francis Kurkdjian. It is this level of perfection right down to the finest detail that defines the joy of luxury according to this renowned artist. Anyone who has experienced this brand’s collection by way of perfume samples will have an idea of the inspiring level of creativity of the fragrance and the cosmetic items made by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The floral composition féminin Pluriel of course does justice to the high standards pursued by the label.

Women’s fragrance with the potential to become an elegant classic

The renowned perfumer has staged the féminin Pluriel women’s fragrance in as classy and multi-faceted a way as a bouquet of flowers. Elegant aspects of Florentine iris and the aromas of violet combine together with the majestic roses from the city of perfumes. Grasse. The heart note is based on a fresh and spicy sweetness along with a trio comprising sensual jasmine, invigorating orange blossom and lily of the valley, reminiscent of a spring awakening. The base note envelops the floral pot pourri in a chic and classy manner with vetiver and patchouli. You only need to try out perfume samples to know that féminin Pluriel, which is still a relatively recent creation, has the potential to become a classic by Maison Francis. This prediction is backed up by the creator’s résumé. Francis Kurkdijan impressed as a perfumer working for various luxury brands. Even his art projects, such as those displayed in Versailles, were respected internationally. In addition to exclusive ranges, Francis Kurkdjian also developed tailored unique fragrance specimens for selected clients. If the feminine fragrance in the range appeals to you, then it is worth trying out other perfume samples that present the masculine equivalent.