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Sweet Tasty Lipgloss by Manhattan


No. 35W / 6,50 g


No. 53I / 6,50 g


No. 53K Brazilian Peach / 6,50 g


No. 55S Caribbean Grapefruit / 6,50 g


No. 59K / 6,50 g


Nr. 51G / 6,50 g


Nr. 53O / 6,50 g


Nr. Clear / 6,50 g

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Description by Lips Sweet Tasty Lipgloss by Manhattan

The Sweet Tasty Lipgloss by Manhattan is a cosmetic item that combines the aesthetic design of your lips with a pleasant taste. Should you previously have been disturbed by the chemical impression frequently emitted by lip gloss on your lips, Sweet Tasty Lipgloss is the better choice for you. Manhattan offers the make-up in five colour variants, ranging from pink or brown to clear gloss.

Lip-Gloss with a pleasant taste

The Sweet Tasty Lipgloss is of course in the customary Manhattan quality, of which you should be aware from all other cosmetic items by the brand. The lipgloss comes in a slim dispenser with a stable attachment that perceptibly facilitates application on your lips and, thanks to its economical packaging, contributes towards the perfect make-up for many days. So, combine your lipgloss with a pleasant taste from now on and snap up inexpensive products in our online assortment!

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