Miro - Feet - Relax Foot Care Bath Miro - Feet - Relax Foot Care Bath

Relax Foot Care Bath by Miro

200 ml

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Description by Feet Relax Foot Care Bath by Miro

A long day at the office, a night on the tiles or a really long shopping trip with your best friend - your feet have to go through a lot. They help carry you throughout the day in trainers, high heels or perhaps barefoot at the beach. So it’s time for the Miro Feet range to offer your feet some rest and recuperation. The Relax Foot Care Bath is just the right choice here.

Downtime when you are stressed

Run a warm bath, add the Relax Foot Care Bath and sit back and relax. The soothing active ingredients amethyst and passionflower have a gentle effect on your feet. Your circulation is activated and stressed skin cells are regenerated too. Allow yourself some relaxation time and let your legs join in with Miro Feet.

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