Mr&Mrs Accessoires

The room fragrances from the "Mr & Mrs Fragrance" line already carry the concept of their designer in the name: The bottles, designed by Lucca Trazzi, represent man and women – a couple, who couldn’t be more opposite but who, at the same time, are completely in harmony. The angular and rounded forms will fit in just about any room and give the air fresheners a remarkable elegance.

The room fragrances are

just as unique as the design of the bottles

: Every one of the notes presented under the "Mr & Mrs Fragrance" name, unites in the fragrance the “typical” characteristics of a continent. The carefully put together creations reflect th flavours of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North and South America. Aromas of rosewood, poppy and citrus mint or of spices such as cardamom and pepper impart any room with the fragrances of the world. Smell it and you’ll be taken on a fragrant journey through the continents.

But creative scents in original bottles

are not the only hallmark of "Mr & Mrs Fragrance". The room fragrances are manufactured without any additives. The perfumers use only French and Italian oils, to which they add a high proportion of perfume. This ensures that the scents are effective as well as long-lasting. The intensity of the scent can be adjusted through the number of diffuser reeds used: The greater the number of reeds used, the stronger the fragrance will be in the room.