Merveillance Expert by Nuxe

The care series Merveillance Expert from French brand Nuxe Paris online cosmetics comprises anti-age… Learn more

Merveillance Expert Facial care by Nuxe

The care series Merveillance Expert from French brand Nuxe Paris online cosmetics comprises anti-ageing facial care products tailored to filling out deep wrinkles and firming the skin. The products in the range contain the dual-action Oléoactif® complex, formulated from day lily and silk tree bark. It stimulates the skin’s three main proteins – collagen, elastin and vimentin – and thus counteracts glycation and activates deglycation.

Products in the care range Merveillance Expert from Nuxe Paris:

This Nuxe online cosmetics facial care range includes five high-quality, highly effective products for reducing wrinkles, and re-firming, regenerating and vitalising facial skin.* Merveillance Expert Night Cream: regenerating night cream for every skin type. This innovative night cream from Nuxe online cosmetics counteracts stubborn facial wrinkles and loss of tone with the Oléoactif® complex, which repairs and protects the skin. Extract of brown alga regenerates facial skin. In the morning after waking up, skin feels ironed out. Used daily. facial skin feels firmer night after night and visible wrinkles filled out. Tip: for a greater nutritional effect, mix the night cream in the palms with a few drops of the Huile Prodigieuse® care oil. * Merveillance Expert Sérum: lifting serum for all skin types. As with the care cream in the range, the lifting serum with Oléoactif® complex also helps counteract wrinkles. The natural hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides contained in this facial care product, extracted from plankton, help visibly iron out the skin for 8 hours. Depending on application and requirement, it is recommended to apply this lifting serum in the morning under the Merveillance® Expert cream or the Merveillance® Expert Enrichie cream or in the evening as an overnight treatment under the Merveillance Expert® Nuit cream. Tip: to use: apply along the wrinkle using circular motions and then activate the skin with light tapping actions.* Merveillance Expert cream: correcting cream for normal skin. This correcting care cream combats stubborn facial wrinkles on normal skin types. In addition to the Oléoactif® complex it also contains hazelnut oil, which supplies the skin with additional moisture. Tip: to use: heat the correcting cream in the hands, apply on the face and then gently pat into the entire face with the fingertips. *Merveillance Expert Enrichie cream: correcting cream for dry to very dry skin. In addition to the main ingredient (Oléoactif complex), this anti-wrinkle cream from Nuxe online cosmetics also contains shea butter, which instantly supplies the skin with essential nutrients. The cream repairs, protects and irons out dry skin. Tip: before applying, heat this facial care cream in the hands and then tap into the face with the fingertips. * Merveillance Expert Yeux: care for the eyes. This firming facial care product from Nuxe online cosmetics fills out wrinkles around the eyes with its main ingredient (Oléoactif complex) and successfully combats bags and dark eye circles with an ingredient complex of herbal caffeine and tetrapeptide-5. The care product can be applied to the eye contours morning and/or evening. Tip: for an instant decongestant effect, cool the care product in the refrigerator before use.