San Francisco Collection OPI Collections by OPI

The international cosmetics brand OPI has sold premium make-up for more than three decades; the company sells cosmetic products that are particularly popular and compatible with each other as part of the so-called OPI Collections. With the San Francisco Collection, women can also experience the cosmetic charm of the American West Coast at home as well, such as by using the colour-intense nail lacquer. As is the case for all of the OPI Collections, this lacquer ensures easy application with just a single stroke of the brush that lasts for several hours and helps complement other make-up by OPI in creating an attractive eye-catching look.

Apply premium nail lacquer with the San Francisco Collection

All of the product ranges by OPI feature the extravagant and the flamboyant; this is evident in the San Francisco Collection nail lacquer by way of its really vibrant and exceptional colours. You can combine these colours with cosmetic products from other OPI Collections as you see fit, helping you to create your own very personal make-up look that is fitting for any occasion. Our Shop is on hand to help you with its wonderful selection and attractive online prices that we are able to offer for OPI’s diverse cosmetic products as well as other brand manufacturers too.