01 Sunda The Black Line by Odin New York

Unisex fragrances are bang on trend

With the perfume 01 Sunda, Odin New York has brought a fragrance to market that women and men alike can wear. Meaning grabbing the wrong bottle or even arguments over whose fragrance is whose are a thing of the past. The amber-coloured unisex perfumes from Odin New York challenge the notion that there have to be separate fragrances for men and for women. Quite the opposite: 01 Sunda unfolds its individual character on your skin, allowing it to develop its own note. Nevertheless, it is possible to describe the fragrance, even if the actual aroma can vary. The base of 01 Sunda is made up of tonka bean, sandalwood and musk. These ingredients could certainly be regarded as masculine components. A sensual and seductive femininity then comes into play in the heart note, comprising lemon grass, black pepper and heliotrope. The Odin New York perfume is rounded off with juniper berries, cedar leaves and bergamot, which support the masculine-feminine fusion and lend it greater durability.

01 Sunda – the perfume for sophisticated demands

The slightly spicy, intense scent works on male and female skin – it always develops a touch of extravagance and the Orient. So Odin New York hasn’t just created a furore because of its New York lifestyle store but also because of an exquisite perfume that will surely become a frontrunner in the field of unisex fragrances. Unisex scents have a strong charisma but are generally not intrusive or too dominant. The fragrances of the American trend brand meet these requirements. For those who like making an appearance as a couple and would like to demonstrate this with their own unique scent, this creation from the house of Odin New York is the perfect choice.