02 Owari The Black Line by Odin New York

Creating accomplished unisex fragrances is an art in itself, because it’s about finding a balance between feminine and masculine that will appeal to both male and female wearers. Odin New York has created a whole collection of exclusive fragrances – and that with exceptional success. Every perfume in the range opens us up to a wholly unique world of scent, a world both sensual and seductive, with precious ingredients that will appeal to both men and women alike. The

Odin New York perfume 02 Owari

captivates with its citrusy freshness, which has an effect on the senses akin to a ray of sunshine. Zesty aromas such as Owari mandarin and grapefruit, combined with neroli and precious bergamot, reawaken memories of summer days gone by and rejuvenate your mood. Valuable amyris sandalwood, amber and a hint of musk lend the perfume depth and warmth. The perfume is rounded off by cedar wood, whose woody note blends harmonically with the other scents and gives it a touch of masculinity, which nevertheless resonates discreetly in the background and can also be worn by women. The fragrance 02 Owari is a friendly, sunny perfume that lends you a summery glow and creates a summer vibe at colder times of year. As with all of the unisex fragrances in the Odin New York range, 02 Owari is distinctive without over-confidently thrusting itself into the limelight. Applied in the morning, it accompanies its wearer for many hours and is even suitable for office use. And those looking for a good-mood fragrance for the evening can also do no wrong with 02 Owari. But it’s not only the intriguingly unconventional scents that show why Odin New York is one of the leading lifestyle experts: the flaçon and packaging, too, with their minimalist understatement, demonstrate an excellent flair for style and aesthetics.