03 Century The Black Line by Odin New York

Odin New York established itself among the modern icons of style and fashion a long time ago. Yet the label provides proof of why it has more than earned its place – and skilfully, too – with its range of exclusive unisex fragrances. Behind each of its fascinating fragrances lies a concept and a well-struck balance, which makes it suitable for women as well as men.

The perfume 03 Century from the Odin New York unisex fragrance

range can best be described as a harmonious combination of top and heart notes. Scents including cypress, silver birch and finally peppermint deliver freshness and clarity. The ancient Greeks believed that the scent of peppermint helps to clear the mind. Naturally, the heart and soul do not fall short in this prime example of a precious unisex fragrance: the clever addition of vetiver, precious myrrh and aromatic patchouli, combined with amber and a hint of musk, lends the perfume warmth and sensuality. With 03 Century, Odin New York has accomplished a feat of modern alchemy and conjured something extraordinary – a fragrance that is both refreshing and sensual. The combination lends the perfume an interesting originality and makes 03 Century one of those fragrances that can give our day to day working lives a discreet hint of sensuality and the evening a touch of the exotic. With the packaging and of course the flaçon, too, Odin New York proves that there’s nothing more the label can be taught when it comes not only to unisex fragrances but also to beautiful design, because here we see neither extravagance nor unnecessary frills. Again it is the combination, this time of shape and colour, that satisfies our sense of aesthetics as well as our nose.