06 Amanu The Black Line by Odin New York

Odin New York is ahead in the style stakes when it comes to exclusive fragrances. The name Odin relates to the chief god of Nordic mythology. This God of Wisdom was kept in the know at all times by two ravens about the world’s precious treasures. In 2009, the brand’s carefully selected range was expanded by a perfume line of its very own unisex fragrances. Captured in numerous Odin New York unisex fragrances including 06 Amanu, these treasures now enrich the world of perfume and people’s attitudes towards life. The perfume, in elegant golden-amber, fascinates the beholder and develops other notes with each nuance. And these are not always the same, as the unisex fragrances blend with our body’s own scent and thus creates a unique, individual aroma. As inimitable as a fingerprint, the perfume complements its owner and at the same time conveys the vision of the Odin brand. By wearing the scents, you feel as if you’ve been taken back to an era full of legends, myths and fantastical creatures.

06 Amanu and other distinctive elements of the unisex fragrance line

Although each of the unisex fragrances has its own unmistakeable character, they are all united by a lust for adventure and faraway lands. Turkish and Mediterranean notes are brought together, complemented with jasmine and cedar leaf and rounded off with ambergris and musk. With this unique composition, the perfume achieves an expression of moist earth, damp wood and soft moss, fine floral scents and a pleasant freshness. With 06 Amanu, Odin New York presents the fifth edition in the fragrance collection. 01 Nomad marks the beginning of the collection. This is followed by 02 Owari and then 03 Century and 04 Petrana. The naturalness of the scents diffuses exoticism and touching comfort. The universal aura of the unisex fragrances is continued not by 05 but by 06. In this perfume, woody rusticality and earthy scents combine with herbaceous aromas such as raw mastic and green galbanum resin to create a harmonious, amply ripe fragrance rounded off by essences of magnolia and jasmine.