07 Tanoke The Black Line by Odin New York

Seductive scents that delight both men and women – so-called “unisex fragrances” – have for years been constantly growing in popularity. Creating them is an art in itself. An art that Odin New York has perfected – and not just with one perfume but with a whole range. Every fragrance in this range of precious unisex perfumes is absolutely unique and opens a door to a whole new world of senses. From playful to dry, there’s something for every woman and every man in the collection of unisex fragrances by Odin New York. The

perfume Odin New York 07 Tanoke

is perfect for all those perfume enthusiasts who like a mysterious and exotic scent – a deep breath in the middle of the north American forests with a hint of freedom and adventure. This scent invites you to dream. Various woods, guaiac wood, a hint of musk, patchouli and precious incense lend the perfume that bit of mysticism, but bitter orange and ginger ensure that 07 Tanoke is no dark scent by lending it a fresh, citrusy note. The result is a perfectly balanced blend of attractive scents that leave you thinking of deep forests and open skies and awaken the adventurer in each of us. As with all the perfumes in its unisex fragrance collection, Odin New York ensured that this one, too, was full-bodied and rounded while also remaining discreet and subtle. Thus 07 Tanoke caresses its wearer without ever pushing its way to the fore. This scent can be worn at work by all means but also makes an ideal evening companion. With the flaçon and packaging, Odin New York consistently follows its chosen course of action and relies on class, accentuated with a simple, almost minimalist design, which precisely due to its reduced form gives off an even more precious impression.