08 Seylon The Black Line by Odin New York

Not too playful, not too feminine, but also not too dry and masculine: unisex fragrances are the masters of equilibrium. This is precisely why so many people love them, because free from all stereotyped thinking, the sensual experience is the primary focus. That makes it a home game for Odin New York, who have developed a whole collection of precious unisex fragrances and thus proven that they not only understand exclusive fashion but also have an excellent instinct for precious scents. Many perfume enthusiasts love the Odin collection – and rightly so. The

Odin New York perfume 08 Seylon

captivates with its interesting blend, which skilfully combines warmth with freshness and rounds it off with a touch of tartness. Bitter orange, bergamot and yuzu deliver a warm and citrusy base note and ensure that the scent is not perceived as too dark. Musk, wormwood and benzoin contribute a spicy note, while vetiver and oak moss accentuate the fresh nature of the fragrance. A trip to a spice market, a walk through the woods in autumn – 08 Seylon warms and rouses wanderlust. With it, Odin New York has created one of those unisex fragrances that expresses joy and longing simultaneously: a fascinating perfume full of nuances that will surely live on in memory. As with all fragrances in the collection, this one too, was conceived to be worn in everyday life, and as such 08 Seylon is capable of making the wearer’s day-to-day work better in a discreet way and rousing their lust for adventure in the evening. For all who love a spicy scent that is not sweet but rather fresh and even a little earthy, 08 Seylon from the Odin New York fragrance collection is just the thing you need. The same clarity conveyed by the perfume itself is reflected in the design of the packaging and the flaçon. These are neither extravagant nor superfluous – just modestly beautiful and timelessly elegant.