09 Posala The Black Line by Odin New York

It is no longer possible to imagine the perfume world without unisex fragrances. Playing with limits and expectations is simply too tempting. Yet there are some who play this game better than others – and the creative heads behind Odin New York are undoubtedly counted among the masters of unisex fragrances. Odin New York has brought not just one perfume but a whole collection of such scents to the market and thus demonstrated just as sure a sense of style and embodied sensuality as it does in its lifestyle stores. The creation of the

perfume 09 Posala from the Odin New York unisex fragrance collection

demonstrates the brand’s desire to also experiment with unusual combinations of precious scents. On first impression, 09 Posala appears to be a fruity and floral fragrance. This is backed up by ingredients like pear flower, orange blossom, peach and jasmine. Yet these are followed by precious amber, tobacco and a bourbon whiskey accord, and here is where the creators of this fragrance show their brilliance. Instead of being sugary-sweet, this perfume is full-bodied, bitter and has an almost raw sensuality about it. A combination of Mardi Gras and Gone with the Wind, which manages to arouse a deep desire – scents that leave you thinking of warmth, endless skies and long journeys. Odin New York 09 Posala is a fragrance for dreamy realists or realist dreamers who would take honest landscapes over any dream castle and whose dream prince or princess might have a raucous laugh or calluses on the hands. At night, this fragrance emphasises the adventurer in its wearer and during the day it discreetly sends out a signal that they are anything but tame. There’s nothing charming or even playful about the packaging and flaçon, either. The design is straightforward and honest and so fits perfectly with the fragrance.