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Peach Lip Balm by Oilily

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Description by Lip care Peach Lip Balm by Oilily

The Peach Lip Balm by Oilily is an effective and really wonderfully scented lip care product that provides your lips with plenty of moisture and soothing essences while also stimulating the natural regenerative power of your skin cells at the same time. By using this Lip Balm, you can look forward to soft and really supple lips in a matter of seconds that also benefit from a really healthy and smooth complexion thanks to the comprehensive care provided by this product. Given that the Balm also refills all of your moisture reserves, this also makes your lips look fuller and more youthful too.

The lip care product for perfectly kissable lips

The Peach Lip Balm by Oilily comes in a playfully adorned tin that is really colourful and inviting. Caricatures of various animals as well as the iconic Oilily logo, which can be seen on virtually all of the products made by this traditional brand, are imprinted on this small tin. The lip care product can be used several times a day, particularly so in winter as your lips dry out quicker as a result of the icy cold weather and winds.

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