Paul Mitchell - Sets - Hold Me Tight Paul Mitchell - Sets - Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight by Paul Mitchell

2x Express Styling Hold Me Tight (300ml) / 1 Stk.

BP: €32.90* / 1 pcs. 2x Express Styling Hold Me Tight (300ml) / 1 Stk.

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Description by Sets Hold Me Tight by Paul Mitchell

Hair care and styling products are the main focus of the international, on-trend brand Paul Mitchell, whose products can be found in salons around the world. In addition to hair styling equipment, a large assortment of styling products are available, such as the Hold Me Tight Express Styler which gives ultra-rapid hold to even the most extravagant hairstyles. As one of the Save on Duo's, you can purchase the practical brand-name products in a double pack to get twice the amount of this premium hairspray. With one spray can for your bathroom at home and one for travelling, you can count on having fantastic volume and a long-lasting hold for your hairstyle ideas in any situation.

Styling and hair care simply united by Paul Mitchell

Having been a hairstylist himself and knowing what women of all generations want, Paul Mitchell’s assortment offers more than simple styling products. With Hold Me Tight and other editions, they are about careful and gentle handling of each individual strand of hair, even if the item is a classic styling product. This also applies to the Save on Duo's Hairspray, which is sprayed on styled hair from only a few centimetres away. After using the product, you benefit solely from an increased stability of your hair without having to worry about aggressive chemicals or damage to the natural structure of the hair.

Rapid effects for exciting hairstyles

With the Save on Duo's of the Hold Me Tight Edition, Paul Mitchell is catering to the needs of young, professional women who would not like to spend too much time on their daily hairstyling routine. Your hairstyle is stabilised exactly as desired within mere seconds and will hold throughout your work day or for a special event. Before using the hairspray, shampoos and further hair care products from the Paul Mitchell range may be used to create a naturally beautiful look. Our online shop invites you to discover the diverse assortment of products at great prices!

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