Sartorial Men's fragrances by Penhaligon's

Men’s fragrances represent the origins of the London perfume house of Penhaligon's, which was founded in 1870 and quickly became a supplier for the royal family. With the Sartorial edition, the brand channels the typical scent notes of a tailoring shop, which corresponds to the literal translation of the product line. Leather, wood and other distinctive and spicy essences shape the perfume, which give it a typically masculine character. For decades, the fragrance has been part of the selection of the British brand and has not lost any of its masculine and distinctive charm since its introduction.

High-quality and traditional men’s fragrances with a British flair

Sartorial can be applied as a classic eau de parfum spray; moreover, Penhaligon's offers the traditional fragrance as a shower gel. Thus, the leathery and sweet character can be enjoyed daily, when men will always receive a new freshness with a distinctive scent note. If you are interested in other perfumes by the traditional British label, our online shop is the right contact point for you. You will definitely find the right men’s fragrance for every occasion, which is waiting for you at reasonable prices!