Vaara Unisex fragrances by Penhaligon's

Aficionados of unusual fragrances predominantly know London’s Penhaligon's brand for its product selection for men. Unisex fragrances have been included in the diverse assortment of the manufacturer for some time, which has a history dating back to 1870 and which always offers new impulses for the worldwide perfume scene. The eau de parfum Vaara invites British perfumery for women and men to apply a subtle and aromatic fragrance, which whisks its wearers away to India. Coriander, saffron and many other essences give the perfume an exotic note and make it an excellent choice.

Experience the fragrance of India in a modern shape

The perfume has been created as an exclusive creation for the Indian Maharaja Gai Singh II. However, for several decades, the special fragrance by Penhaligon's has been available worldwide for all customers. Alongside typical aromas of Indian plants, native floral essences such as freesia, rose oil and iris have been included in order to turn the fragrance into an intercontinental experience. In order to discover other unisex fragrances by the popular brand and to make a price-conscious order, our online assortment will be of help to you!