Organic airspray Christmas promotion by Primavera

When sensuous breezes fill the room, this contributes significantly to well-being. The Germany company for natural cosmetics and aromatherapy is of course aware of this. Primavera offers special perfume ranges for each season to highlight the atmosphere of each positively. The Bio Air-Spray from the Christmas sale relies on warming and spicy aromas which are rounded off with other fragrances. In this way, the cosiness can be sensuously rounded off with a floral nuance or invigorated with fruity citrus notes.

Wintry aromas for ambience

Primavera’s Christmas sale selection includes various compositions. Choose a Bio Air-Spray with a perfume to match your mood. Relaxing moments benefit from the brand relying on naturally pure oils and essences. The plant-based ingredients come from organic crops. In addition, we avoid animal testing and look to fair trade. A corresponding amount of joy prepares the fragrant aroma for sensuous evenings.