Primavera - Fragrance blends - Tutto Bene Primavera - Fragrance blends - Tutto Bene
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5 ml

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Description by Fragrance blends Tutto Bene by Primavera

The Tutto Bene Fragrance Mixtures from the Primavera brand are distinguished by their unique aromas. The Fragrance Oil from Primavera contains extracts of grapefruit, lemon and jasmine. The essences mix together to create a pleasant-smelling fragrance composition that comes across like an invigorating day in the Southern sun.

Fragrance mixtures of the highest quality

Tutto Bene is a fragrance oil which has an invigorating and exhilarating effect. The essential oil gives you new energy and strength for the day at hand. Whether it’s for leisure or work: the fragrance oil has a positive effect on your mood and gives you an emotional kick. The fragrance oil unleashes a pleasant and discreet aroma. The fragrance exuded opens up the possibility of giving yourself over completely to spirituality and relaxation. To use, simply add the oil to a Scent Well or shake over a Scented Stone.

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