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Scent wells
Avalon Micro-Atomiser by Primavera

H 105 Ø 48 cm / 1 pcs.

BP: €1,252.92* / 1 pcs. H 105 Ø 48 cm / 1 pcs.

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Description by Scent wells Avalon Micro-Atomiser by Primavera

Product sub-line: Home
Range: Scent wells
Description: Avalon Micro-Atomiser

The stylish Scent Wells from Primavera combines a unique fragrance experience with the advantages of a micro-atomiser. Dry air in a room can have a negative effect on well-being and change the ambience in your living room. With the help of an Avalon Micro-Atomiser, this problem can be solved in a particularly elegant way. The high-quality Well, in the style of a Greek column, is available in light tones and comes with a large fountain bowl. Here, the liquid is dispersed in the Avalon Micro-Atomiser with the help of a distributor and led into the room. This gives a moist fog that ensures a wonderful spectacle. The moist fog enriches the air with moisture. This keeps the air ways and mucosa moist. The light burbling and the elegant design make the Room Fountain a must for rounding off a completely personal interior design style. Get particular accents with perfume. The Avalon Micro-Atomiser from Primavera can be quickly turned into a Scent Well. For this, the water is simply enriched with perfume. In this way, the delicate fragrance aromas are released during dilution. The atomising helps these aromas spread evenly throughout the room. Depending on the amount of fragrance used, the experience can be particularly intense for the senses. Ideally, you should used special fragrance oils as offered by Primavera. These are perfumes which are comprised of naturally pure and essential oils, meaning the air ways won’t be put under stress. Depending on the essence selected, the fragrances can ensure relaxation or dispense with blockages. The Scent Wells are an excellent addition to exquisite interior design. Made of robust and high-quality alabaster, they will match various furnishing styles excellently. They only take up a bit of space and yet will quickly become a real eye-catcher in the room. A charming accessory with a dazzling effect and multi-facetted application possibilities.

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