Advanced AHA Skin care by Priori

Since its founding in 1999, Prior has been one of the younger brands on the international cosmetics and care scene but has nevertheless managed to quickly establish itself with its high-quality products. The same foes for Advanced AHA - a co-ordinated system of products for caring for ageing skin in order to combat the typical signs of ageing and halt their progress. The compounds in the Advanced AHA range are ideally used by middle-aged women and provide skin with moisture and valuable nutrients. Available as a leading care range from Priori, our Online Shop also puts its faith in the particular quality and invites you to take advantage of this at good prices.

Prevent skin ageing with care from Priori

The product range consists of a large selection of individual compounds that are perfectly suited to the needs of skin and to your age. Creams and Lotions are suitable for daily cleansing or can be applied over night to ensure a longer working time. The aim of all items from the Advanced AHA range is to maintain the natural and fresh character of young skin cells and provide these with individually necessary nutrients. Since in many cases, skin dries out over the years without you noticing, the care product from Prior also provides additional moisture.

Experience cosmetics and care from Prior at good value

Many of the international brand’s customers put their faith in Advanced AHA not only for their care products but also because they recognise the brand’s contribution to cosmetics. Should you also want to stand out with smooth and attractive skin at a later age, it’s worth taking advantage of the comprehensive Advanced AHA system. Our Shop offers make-up from the popular brand too so that you can complement your skincare with high-quality cosmetics regardless of your age. Our prices will make ordering online easier for you as you won’t find these even at wholesale distributors!