Colonia del Forte Unisex fragrances by Profumi del Forte

The Colonia del Forte line from Profumi del Forte distinguishes itself with a special lightness and freshness in the fragrances – just as one would expect from a Colonia range. And yet, despite this common feature, the unisex fragrances of this line each have their own unmistakable character and are no pale perfume lightweights. In every perfume from the Tuscan perfume house, you can feel the careful selection of ingredients and the inspiration of the hilly landscape by the Ligurian Sea on the perfume maker. Here, the perfumes and aromas of fresh sea breezes and sunbaked sand, saltwater and green pine forests combine in harmony.

Sunny days and classic cultural history in a bottle

The fresh, citrusy top notes of the unisex fragrances allow you to dream of holidays in the sunny south, of care-free days on the beach and long trips through the Mediterranean landscape under a blue sky. But there’s another dimension to this perfume: The Colonia del Forte unisex fragrances are a homage to the artists from Italy’s glorious past. Each perfume in the range is named after the birth year of a Western classic. And the middle and base notes are characterised by scent combinations that subtly reflect the life and work of that particular genius. These can include thyme with musk, or aquatic seawater with oak moss. This is classic Italian perfume artistry in a totally unique way.