Puma - Sync Man - Deodorant Spray Puma - Sync Man - Deodorant Spray

Sync Man
Deodorant Spray by Puma

75 ml

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Description by Sync Man Deodorant Spray by Puma

Sync Men from Puma boasts fresh zest

The deodorant spray with the famous men’s fragrance with the big cat is sporty and loaded with energy, as you would expect from an athlete’s deodorant. But the Sync Men Deodorant Spray is not just for sportsmen, of course. All men who like fresh, aromatic fragrances, who like the scent of the forest, are bang on target with this fragrance from Puma. Bergamot, rosemary, cedar wood, and guaiacum wood form the extraordinary notes of the fragrance, which is reminiscent of a run through a wood laden with morning dew. Take this freshness with you throughout the entire day. Actions instead of words, that’s the Puma Sync Men motto and requires energy that the deodorant spray gives you with ease Long-lasting freshness is not just for sportsmen and, of course, you too can use the deodorant spray if you are not an athlete and can’t or don’t want to run through the woods every morning.

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