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Firm Grasp by Redken

100 ml

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Description by Styling Firm Grasp by Redken

The Redken "Firm Grasp" Styling Paste ensures an unmistakable and clean finish, which can even defy tough weather conditions excellent. The Paste ensures a particularly delicately defined texture which is also perfectly suited to striking styles and the classic “bed head” look thanks to its firm hold. Just squeeze a small amount of the Paste onto the fingertips, distribute well throughout your hair and then model your hair freely. Can also be complemented with a light hairspray if required.

The perfect hold for men

The Paste comes in a 100ml black box and can be topped up several times a day as necessary. The Firm Grasp Styling ensures hair looks natural despite the good hold, and that they do not become too hard or heavy so that it can be handled and remodelled throughout the day without hesitation. The Redken Paste can be washed out with clear water and shampoo.

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Use by Styling Firm Grasp by Redken

Easy to apply. Easy to rinse out

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