Cerafill by Redken

For various needs, the Cerafill Hair Care Line by the US-American hair cosmetic brand Redken in New … Learn more!

Cerafill Normal Hair by Redken

For various needs, the Cerafill Hair Care Line by the US-American hair cosmetic brand Redken in New York City offers three effective and highly efficient solutions against thinning hair as well as hair loss. The Defy, Retaliate and Maximise variants in this product line cater to various requirements with effective active agents, as well as ensuring both an immediate effect and the long-term promotion of hair growth. This care series successfully combats increased hair loss and makes sparse hair fuller, thicker and stronger again, while the products nurture the scalp at the same time. The product line is designed for both feminine and masculine hair.

Redken Cerafill Defy

The Defy Product Range in the line for women and men has been developed for normal to thinning hair. A highly effective formula composed of the cleansing zinc PCA, strengthening ceramides and the nourishing SP-94 active agent strengthens the hair fibres and lends the scalp essential nutrients and nurture, thus creating a healthy environment for hair growth. The range includes the Defy Shampoo, the Defy Conditioner and the intensive care product Daily Scalp Treatment with Aminexil. This densifying hair care system is suitable for all hair types exhibiting the first signs of thinning hair.

Redken Cerafill Retaliate

The Retaliate Hair Care Range combats thinning and increasingly sparse hair, which is not the result of illness. The effectiveness of these products was successfully proven in a clinical trial. The hair growth of men and women is promoted by the hair care line’s innovative technology, while the scalp is nurtured back to health and the hair fibres are strengthened. This care range includes the Retaliate Shampoo, the Retaliate Conditioner and the intensive care Retaliate Stemoxydine Treatment, which promotes the scalp’s vascular supply, awakens new hair growth and strengthens hair fibres.

Redken Cerafill Maximise

The Maximise Hair Care Line ensures fuller hair with immediate effect for both women and men. The sensational technology of the Dense FX Care Products in this series contains a formula with filloxans, which make every hair seem 9 percent thicker. Ceramide strengthens the hair fibres and protects against hair breakage, whereas the SP-94 nurtures the scalp. The intensive care Hair Advance Treatment with Aminexil for thinning hair in women and men helps to preserve the hair’s thickness. The main active agents here are arginine as a component of the synthesis of proteins in the hair, vitamin E, aminexil, omega 6 and multivitamins. The Maximise Care Series ensures minimal hair loss. The effect has been clinically proven!