Flex Styling by Redken

With the Flex Line, Redken is presenting a ground-breaking styling technology. The hair cosmetic products combine the lightness of a cream with the controlled hold of a paste. You can effortlessly style your hair to suit your very own preferences. Thanks to the ultimate flexibility, your style retains its movement and your hair feels pleasant to the touch.

Three Flex Products = three control factors - the choice is yours

Redken specifies the control factor for each of the styling products. Numbers 01 to 05 stand for mild control, 06 to 15 offer medium control and 16 to 28 maximum control over your hairstyle. You can also combine the three cream pastes with each other, according to your very own ideas. That means you can easily create the optimal texture for the look of your choice, whatever your hair length.The light modelling cream paste move ability 05 allows you to create styles with a light form and lots of movement, thanks to the mild control. The Redken Haar cosmetic product can be effortlessly distributed, does not stick and lends your hair fascinating shine. Flex move ability 05 recommends itself as an ideal styling solution for long hair, but is also suitable for all hair lengths,The Frizzy Cream Paste Flex mess around 10 is as if made for more tousled and defined looks with medium control. The smooth fibre-building cream paste is easy to distribute in the hair. Redken mess around 10 gives your hair natural shine and allows you to create frizzy styles with natural movement for all hair lengths.Use Flex shape factor 22 to create looks with strong shapes and matt, flexible finishes. Thanks to a strong hairspray polymer, the cream wax allows maximum control of the look, as well as modelling and defining your hairstyle like a hairspray. The hair cosmetic product is easy to distribute, without being sticky. Redken shape factor 22 is the perfect styling solution for short hair and pinned-up hairstyles.