Blonde Idol Women by Redken

A wonderful golden mane is a real eye-catcher. Whether a cool white blond, or a warm honey blond, many women love this hair colour - and quite rightly so. However, an ugly yellow tinge makes blond hair seem unkempt and unattractive and has already driven quite a few people to distraction. Yet nobody should be satisfied with anything less than a perfect result. This is precisely the philosophy to which Redken adheres. The hair cosmetic experts of the Redken brand have thus finally found the perfect solution - Blonde Idol. With this group of care products, they are declaring war on the unpopular yellow tinge.The strong fourThe shampoo makes women’s hair shiny and wonderfully soft. The ph-neutral shampoo nurtures, without weighing the hair down, and combats the yellow tinge, without discolouring the hair. The hair is nourished by valuable active agents and also moisturised - high-quality cosmetic for shiny and healthy hair in all blond nuances.The Blonde Idol BBB Spray Conditioner ensures easily combable hair and protects the hair against a pale and colourless appearance. The hair is wonderfully shiny after use.The intensive colour care product for women is persuasive due to its innovative two-chamber system, which allows the user to find exactly the right combination for her own blond tone. The intensive colour care product nurtures the hair and ensures that the hair colour is lastingly intensive and beautiful.Its intensive care allows the Blonde Idol Mask by Redken to give the hair an especially intensive and deep colour brilliance. The mask is an intensive treatment for beautiful, healthy and breathtaking hair. Of course, these care products for blond hair are especially successful when combined with each other. For a radiantly blond mane without yellow tinge - high-quality cosmetic innovations for every blond tone and hair type.