Color Extend Magnetics Women by Redken

Colour Extend Magnetics is a brand new care series from the House of Redken, which is especially suitable for coloured hair. The intention is to lastingly seal the colour, while the in-house Redken formulas also strengthen the hair and increase its resilience. The hair cosmetic is suitable for women with coloured hair, regardless of whether their own hair tends to be more dry, normal or oily. The new hair care generation comes in four different products that can be combined with each other to achieve excellent results. From shampoo via conditioner to the mask and colour protection spray, extensive care is thus guaranteed.

Scientific know-how for sound results

All products from the House of Redken, including the Colour Extend Magnetics Line of course, are subjected to various test processes and trials before their market launch, in order to ensure their efficiency and tolerability. The modern New York company now works closely with science and modern technologies as early as in the production process, in order to generate a variety of care products which actually do work from a medical perspective. The result is a long-lasting, powerful and radiant colour.