Bio-Retinoid Anti-ageing skin care by Ren Skincare

The Bio-Retinoid Linie by Ren Skincare consists of two products that complement each other perfectly, but will also impress you when used on their own. The range has anti-ageing properties, takes effective care of tired skin and the (premature) formation of wrinkles and aims to prevent both of these negative side effects of ageing as far as possible. The Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate Oil is suitable for application to isolated areas and can be applied to parts that are particularly susceptible to wrinkles and sagging skin. This anti-ageing care cosmetic product is supplemented by a matching Anti-Ageing Cream, which can of course also be applied on a daily basis as part of your care regime.

Bio-nutrients ensuring particularly high tolerance

All ingredients in the Bio-Retinoid anti-ageing care products by Ren Skincare are obtained naturally. Added Vitamin A and Pro-Vitamin A, which help take care of wrinkles and sagging skin and provide greater tone along with a firmer skin structure at the same time, have a particularly intense effect. Whether you choose the Serum or Cream, these cosmetic products will of course take care of pigmentation irregularities and age-related spots, both of which increasingly occur from mid-life onwards. Thanks to the especially well-tolerated formulathat manages to do without any parabens and sulphates whatsoever, the Bio-Retinoid range is also incredibly gentle and can also be used by individuals whose skin is delicate or really sensitive

Anti-ageing care with rapid results

The Ren Skincare cosmetic product is even able to demonstrate its results. A test using Retinoid substances resulted in wrinkle depth being reduced by up to 24 percent, while age-related spots and pigmentation irregularities were able to be reduced by up to 50 percent. The effective care product is therefore perfect for tired skin and skin fatigued as a result of age which no longer have sufficient regenerative power without an intensive care regime. To ensure the products are really able to get to work, they should be used over a period of at least 8 weeks - albeit preferably in a lasting manner.