Essential Man Men's fragrances by Replay

Young, dynamic and unmistakable trends: that’s how the Italian brand positions its ranges of jeans, streetwear and casual fashion. Since being founded in 1978, Replay has established itself as a renowned label and can be found in 50 countries around the globe. With the right perfume, a personal look can gain authenticity. It’s therefore a logical conclusion that this famous fashion company’s portfolio includes a range of fragrances and cosmetics items. Of course, the compositions sum up the character of the striking outfits from Replay’s men’s collection in an aromatic way.

Essential Man - energetic entrance for modern men

The Essential Man men’s perfume captures the ambitious zest for action of masculine protagonists in the top notes. Alongside its twigs and leaves, the unripe fruits of the bitter orange tree are also used to create the Petitgrain essential oil. The quintessence is an invigorating citrus freshness that is met by the fruity aromas of mandarins and the fiery spiciness of ginger. This lively prelude in Essential Man is followed by floral aspects with gentle citrus notes that create the core notes thanks to orange blossoms. Replay doesn’t forget that masculine characteristics ought to be long-lasting and memorable in a men’s perfume. The seductive power of musk lays the foundations with amber notes and tolu balsam that gives the perfume balance with its warm properties. This makes the perfume appear well-rounded and harmonious despite the significant presence of citrus notes. If you prefer a harmonious range when it comes to body care, then you can also combine the men’s perfume with a Shower Gel and Deo Stick from Replay.