Jeans Spirit Woman Women's fragrances by Replay

Jeans Spirit Woman is a fragrance range from Replay that was developed in 2011 explicitly for women. Like all of Replay’s women’s fragrance, this also comes in the flaçon of the Jeans Spirit Woman range - an exciting oval shape with the brand name engraved on it. The fragrance range embodies the particular feeling of high-quality denim, even if it was intended to be a reinterpretation of the fragrance itself. The modern fragrance is a well-received and light companion for the whole year that will suit anything and everything and will never be too bothersome or flashy

The all-rounder amongst fragrances

The Jeans Spirit Woman fragrance range combines only select essences that are therefore stronger and even more striking. The base for this fragrance experience is made with violas and musk, with an interplay between warm and very floral essences being created in an elegant manner. In the core of this fragrance, you will also find warm ginger and characterful passion fruit which comes across as multi-facetted yet down-to-earth. The top notes consist exclusively of peonies, meaning these can unleash their gentle notes even more powerfully.