Skin Skin care by Rodial

With its motto “50 is the new 30”, Rodial knowingly relies on the power of nature for its care and cosmetic products for women. The cleansing and care products in the Cougar Skin range containing natural ingredients and specially developed active ingredient complexes provide targeted aid for specific skin problems on your body, hands, face or neck and décolleté. Wrinkles, lines, pigmentation defects, age spots, cellulite or stretch marks are visibly reduced, and your skin retains its healthy and radiant look.

Rich body and skin care products for mature women’s skin

Women who are undergoing the menopause require special skin cleansing and care products. The slowdown in cell renewal has a decisive effect on changes to your complexion. The cleansing products from the Cougar Skin range of cosmetic products help to prepare your skin. The rich creams, fluids, serums and elixirs in this range of care products with anti-ageing properties supply your skin with moisture, natural vitamins, nutrients and trace elements. Your complexion is visibly improved with regular application. This range of care products by Rodial is recommended for women with dry and mature skin.