A Capella Women's fragrances by Roos & Roos

A Capella from Dear Rose is a new fragrance launched in 2014. It was created by the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, whose goal was to create a soft yet still very natural appearing fragrance for women that would give her an alternative perfume that would be suitable to wear year-round. The perfume is sold in a transparent flaçon with a black cap. The front of the bottle has a beige label bearing the logo and the perfume’s name. The elegant appearance of the flaçon is of course also reflected in the scent of this perfume creation. That is exactly what makes A Capella such a wonderful fragrance that fits well into the everyday, at work in the office and equally naturally to an elegant dinner occasion in the evening.

A strong impression for the self-assured woman

A Capella from Dear Rose complements the existing fragrances of this brand perfectly and just after a few sprays it conjures up beautiful memories of days long gone. The perfume appears, thanks to its special mixture, rather light, almost a little weightless without appearing “insipid”. The top note uses ingredients typically used for women’s fragrances. The perfumer puts her trust in a zesty framework composed of bergamot, where fruity mandarin is blended with blackcurrant. This triumvirate is complemented by a breeze of hedione. Following this opening the A Capella perfume enters into a very delicate heart note.

The power of the rose

So at the core the brand Dear Rose really lives up to its name, as now the rose itself makes an appearance. She is joint and complemented by ivy and violet, which achieves a soft yet fresh effect. Ambergis and cedar ensure a powerful finale at the base. This very feminine and fresh creation is perfect for all women who prefer their fragrances to be feminine, floral and always unfailingly suitable. Just a few sprays are enough to produce a wonderful effect.