Bloody Rose Women's fragrances by Roos & Roos

The women’s fragrances and products in the Bloody Rose fragrance range impress with their exceptionally feminine scent. In many cultures the rose is synonymous with beauty and purity. Its symbolisation as a signifier for love makes it a very special flower, which has its place in countless legends, myths and tales. The feeling of love, sensuality and freedom has been summed up in the various fragrance nuances of Dear Rose - Bloody Rose women’s fragrance line. In this way women are able to emphasise their individual and sensual side: whether that’s done with a shower gel or a perfume.

A product line with a particularly feminine orientation

Anyone who has ever smelled a perfume from the Dear Rose range, knows of its highly sensualised features. Each product imbues the body with a floral bouquet that is rounded off by the finest timbers around. Strong and sensitive women alike will be blown away by this simple yet very exciting fragrance. A slight hint of tangerine, ylang ylang and patchouli round off this aromatic experience. Using geranium, jasmine, white flowers and orange blossom a unique and unmistakable aroma is created that forms the basis for each product in this fragrance range.

New roads are travelled thanks to great diversity

The top-notch products in the Dear Rose - Bloody Rose fragrance range for women creates steadfast companions for everyday use. Regardless whether perfume or shower gel: Women who wear these products are enveloped by breathtakingly beautiful aromas that lie on the body like an invisible veil - refreshing all day long. Be inspired by this diversity that will be your loyal companion in your everyday life!