La Favorite Women's fragrances by Roos & Roos

La Favorite from Dear Rose is bound to become your favourite, too, because the clever pairing of slightly spicy with very soft fragrance accords not only suits the perfume, but is also perfect for strong and confident women. The women’s fragrances from Dear Rose are of course mainly known for one ingredient: the rose. Not too surprising, given the brand name, and yet the perfumers of this brand manage to reinterpret the ‘rose’ afresh each and every time , juxtaposing it creating interesting contrasts or simply varying the type of rose that’s being used. In the perfume La Favorite the delicate flower, which is the quintessential symbol for romance, emerges with totally new facets again.

Delightful fragrance with interesting rough edges

Exactly how much character is packed inside La Favorite from Dear Rose becomes clear after just a few sprays. The opening is a tart saffron with spicy pink pepper which make the fragrance appear strong and confident. In the heart note that follows the Wardia rose comes into play together with Agarwood (Oud), which produces a slightly melancholic magical effect. By using Oud the perfume manages to stand apart from its competitors, since this heavy ingredient normally tends to be used in fragrances for men.

For a brilliant finale

Patchouli, white musk, sandalwood and Nagarmotha mark the pleasant finish of this fabulous creation composed by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. The gentle ladies’ scents of the rose are given a slightly spicy opening thanks to the added Oud, which produces a very beautiful and compatible contrast that makes this fragrance an evergreen suitable for both the cold and warmer seasons of the year. Just like all other women’s fragrances from this brand, La Favorite comes in a curvy 100 ml bottle with black cap and a beige label the front of the flaçon featuring the logo imprint.