Complete Salon Manicure Make-up by Sally Hansen

The unique Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish by Sally Hansen allows women to enjoy the seven advantages of a salon manicure in a single bottle. The polishes in more than 50 different colours can be coordinated with your daily make-up and have a wonderful gloss. Nails are nurtured, strengthened and primed. The specifically developed precision brush allows a streak-free and shatter-proof finish. The polishes in the many different colour tones harden in a remarkably short time and are very long-lasting.

Complete Salon Manicure - nail polishes for shining salon quality fingernails

Sally Hansen has now been developing and producing salon quality nail polishes and nail products for more than 50 years. The first nail polishes and the Hard as Nails formula still used today were developed together with her husband, a chemist. Also available alongside the large selection of nail polishes are extraordinary care products for nail care and nail treatment, such as the Diamond Strength Hardener, for example. The long-standing experience in the fields of make-up and nails, as well as the collaboration with various designers, make the US American company the market leader in terms of trends and innovations.