Nail care Skin care by Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen has been synonymous with quality and outstanding innovations for more than 50 years now. The independent New Yorker founded her company together with her husband and began specialising in nail care cosmetics very soon afterwards. The brand is now one of most reputable manufacturers of high-quality nail polish, with nails not only being intensively nurtured, but also optically pampered. This is ensured by a multifaceted selection of various products, which outstandingly complement each other and can also be used on damaged nails.

Beautiful fingernails and toenails at all times

Sally Hansen care products can be used to treat various nutrient deficiencies and nail deficits. Among other things, the care products give the nails a harder consistency, thus protecting them against breakages and cracks. However, should they still occur, the cosmetics can also be used to effectively treat such damaged areas. In addition, for example, the brand also offers various care oils containing important ingredients and vitamins. A growth serum for beautifully long nails is also available.