Hair care Skin care by Sisley

Sisley haircare is care with a system and experience

For three generations the family-led company Sisley has had success in the manufacture of luxurious perfume, make-up and skincare products. Aromatherapy and phytotherapy (herbal medicine) form the basis of the company. Something that was almost unknown in Europe in the 1970s. However, the family stuck to their plans and ideas and have developed into a world-famous size in the phyto-cosmetics industry. The strict guidelines and standards that the company founder Hubert d’Ornano enforced in his research laboratories contributed to this and are still valid today.

The haircare range is rich in D-panthenol, wheat proteins, shea butter and rice phyto-ceramides. Rose essential oil provides the subtle fragrance and also calms and relaxes the scalp. This means that haircare from Sisley is suitable for every hair and scalp type. Because the haircare range gives the hair what it needs by giving it volume, shine and natural resilience. Of course, the products are also suitable for everyday haircare.