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Body care
Gift Set by SpongeBob

Shower Gel 50 ml + Bath Sponge + Floating Soap 50 g + Fizzer 25 g / 1 Stk.

BP: €10.44* / 1 pcs. Shower Gel 50 ml + Bath Sponge + Floating Soap 50 g + Fizzer 25 g / 1 Stk.

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Description by Body care Gift Set by SpongeBob

The iconic SquarePants SpongeBob not only impresses children. Adults find the yellow sponge with the big eyes and the long nose, who goes walking with his friends through Bikinibottom and experiences numerous adventures, really entertaining as well. The body care gift set may not be quite suitable for the seabed, but it is for the bathtub. This yellow all-rounder comes in a strikingly playful look and contains numerous cosmetic products that pamper children’s skin, ensure fun in the bathtub or under the shower and can of course be used by mum and dad at any time as well. The inexpensive set is suitable for the little ones but also makes a super gift on children’s day or as a reward for good grades.

Fruity fragrances and intensive care

The SpongeBob Body Care Gift Set consists of a 50 ml shower gel, a practical yellow sponge in SpongeBob form, a 50 g floating soap, which is also reminiscent of the iconic SquarePants, and a so-called bath fizzer in the 25g variant. The shower gel is perfect for removing perspiration and dirt from the skin. It leaves behind very friendly, fruity and sweet notes, which are perceived as being very pleasant, especially by children. The floating soap is perfect for cleansing in the bathtub and can be used over the entire body. The fact that it floats on the water makes it a super toy as well.

Amusing set with fun factor

The body care gift set also offers a sponge, which is guaranteed to impress the little ones so much that they’ll want to bath or shower all by themselves from now on. The cosmetic spectrum is complemented by the cool bath fizzer. The fizzers, often designated as bath bombs as well, dissolve in water, thus ensuring a tingly foam bath that pampers the nose with its wonderful fragrances and, thanks to the fine essences, moisturises the skin at the same time. The cosmetic ensures that children’s skin stays beautifully soft.

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